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Please remember, that every "Hot Trend" will eventually peak out and the Decline, perhaps very rapidly. Recent examples are China(FXI), India(INP) and Natural-Gas(UNG ). Therefore to protect your gains you must have an exit strategy. The SelectSectors "Timing page" offers examples.


There now exists ETFs (eg) that allow you to short almost all sectors. So if you have open positions that start to rapidly decline, besides the plain Sell option you can now hedge and  essentially be market neutral.


 Suggested  chart settings
    for exiting a Declining market.

    Exit strategies are very important.
Check Out the Parabolic SAR method


      For decades Fidelity offered trading with their sectors based on  hourly pricing. They have now terminated hourly pricing and imposed onerous trading rules. For this reason I use the Fidelity Sectors to determine the "Best" sectors, but then purchase either the underlying stocks or corresponding ETFs, Holders, ETN etc.

  As an example, Energy Services ( FSESX ) is currently a strong sector and Power Shares ETF, Dynamic Oil & Gas ( PXJ )  has comparable performance.

  Utilities ( FSUTX ) has very strong long term performance and Vanguard's Utility ETF ( VPU ) has comparable performance.

( 5/12/07 ) Schippi


Comprehensive list of shorting  ETFs in alphabetical order provided by

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     What are ETNs?

     What are HOLDRs?

     What are SPDRs?

     What are BLDRs?


   What is a Master Limited Partnership? ( WIKI ANALYSIS )

  Master Limited Partnerships ( MLP ) have recently posted a strong move Up. MLP have built in tax consequences and you have to check if they are appropriate for your portfolio. The below chart captures their recent performance. Again, they are not recommendations and are provided for information only.